Engineering solutions

Our engineers have a long experience in the industrial sector with multi nationals in algeria and other continents, the competency with technical expertise are the key factors we rely on, we keep a close eye on our customer’s complex scientific and engineered solutions, our engineers and researchers can accompany your projects by proposing tailored and technical solutions to solve your problems, we draw-collect information-analyze-study-propose solutions. our solutions touch most industrial sectors:

Oil and gas

New technologies and engineering solutions became to rescue window for any company to sustain in the market , new methods and  engineered solutions are invading this world and as a result of this, an added value to the market has been remarkably seen in the last decade , big companies have drawn the best routes to reach their targets , R&D is taking part of this strategical and tailored solution . in dogleg we open our hands to welcome your complex projects and guide you realizing your project. Our team of engineers has the expertise and talent to assess your issues and support you to carry on your goals and objectives.

Down hole and directional drilling: our directional drilling supervisors have the long experience in drilling , directional drilling with PDM, Turbo drills, RSS tools , bits and fishing . our long expertise with the major service and oil companies in the world can be your solution to achieve your operations, we select your project requirements- advise – analyze and propose suitable solutions.

Reservoir engineering: geo mechanics and reservoir engineering is on of the complex fileds in oil and gas industry , this phase a major step for both oil and service companies to analyze the reservoir capabilities and find out the best way for higher performance of oil and gas recovery, we take your project as a consultation, we analyse best on our expertise and deliver a tailored solution to concretize your targets.

Power plants & manufactories

Any power plant & manufactory has a duration of high performance , with time machines start breaking down and the productivity ratio will drop down, in dolgleg we deal with this problem as a priority , our engineers and researchers will stand with you evaluating the weak points of the issues and focalize on best ways to find and engineer your problems, we propose our solutions to most industrial sectors , keep in touch with us and email to us in contact , our experts will support you.

IT and digitalization

Dogleg has a long experience in IT starting with computer’s services , extended its activities to software development under pyramids computer, today we have a new phase to globalize our services in all IT activities and we carry on our engagement with our clients for better service quality, we advise you selecting the best material for your company, chose the best performant brands, maintenance of your equipment’s and network installation. we have experts to accompany you in your IT project preparation plan- analyze and execution. We work on digitalization projects to minimize your spending’s and enhance your service quality , we bring new technological solutions as part of our solutions . we have digital solutions to many sectors including the oil and gas industry.

Dogleg Company

Dogleg is an engineering solutions and technology consultancy company, we have the long expertise in the industry locally and internationally in oil and gas and other related to energy sectors