Directional Drilling

Technical & commercial tenders

We believe that tenders phase is one of the most steps of any project success, starting from technical preparation of the project, border the company’s needs and requirements taking into account the best service quality and cost effective projects, the technical and commercial phases are the core of the project, our engineers have the insight of technical back ground to give to ideal and efficient support to pave your road based on solid expertise.

Train engineers and management teams

We think that the competency and attitude are a must for any success, we believe that competency can be improved with trainings, courses taking into consideration the best methods of teaching and the plans of execution, dogled team has been involved in this phase of trainings in the few years and proven results have been remarkably known in oil and gas industry, we have consultants with long experience background in drilling, directional drilling, geology, geo mechanics, reservoir engineering ,,,,,

Hiring support

Our know how  in the oil and gas is the fruit we want to share with our partners , the competency and the long experience of our engineers have proven the high capabilities to participate in candidate selection , technically , commercial . in dogleg we open this window for any individual or consulting company or any company looking for our support ( last minute interview ), we make an appointment for you with us and an expert will guide and manage your requested task of interview, we have also the option to prepare you for any interview nationally or internationally for better preparation and successful results.

Project management

Our management team has the know how to follow up, guide and advise you for better project executions, our engineers have been involved in many projects in the oil and gas market, our footprint has been recognized and well evaluated in the industry, we keep an open eye continuously for excellent service quality, your project’s success is ours and our reputation.

Investigation report

Dogleg is an indepandant company and engaged to deliver high service quality confidently , we help our customers to make technical investigation reports to your complex situations, drilling, directional drilling, geoscience turbo drilling, fishing, downhole failures, we analyse , study your problems deeply and deliver high quality investigation report. 

Dogleg Company

Dogleg is an engineering solutions and technology consultancy company, we have the long expertise in the industry locally and internationally in oil and gas and other related to energy sectors